Isager - Spinni - Spinni Tweed - Lace weight


Isager Spinni is a single ply wool. When used on its own it is ideal for lace shawls as one of its qualities is that the shawl will keep its shape  and not collapse. As it is  a single ply yarn spun in a single direction, it is not suitable for knitting stocking stitch in the round as the knitted fabric will have a tendency to skew. If you are knitting with a pattern it will not be a problem.

Spinni is also used in combination with other yarns from the collection:

Spinni knitted individually on 2.5mm - 3.5mm needles

Spinni knitted with Alpaca 1 held together on 3mm - 4mm needles

Spinni knitted with Alpaca 2 held together on 3.5mm - 4.5mm needles

Spinni knitted with Silk Mohair held together on 4mm - 6mm needles

Meterage: 610 meters in 100g

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