<h4><span> </span>Our Knit Shop</h4>
<p><span>Idas House is an independently run Knitting shop in Caterham on the Hill. We stock a wide range of yarns, patterns and accessories from Sirdar, Rico, Isager, Stylecraft &amp; West Yorkshire Spinners plus a growing range from indie dyers.</span> </p>
<p><span>We are passionate about great tools and hold a wide stock of needles and equipment from Knit Pro, Lykke and coco knits. </span><span>The shop hosts weekly Groups, Classes and workshops, we offer many ways to improve your knitting and crochet skills.</span> </p>
<p><span>We showcase up and coming designers so you have everything you need to create modern and wearable designs that will last you for years! </span><span>We also have all the needles and notions you could need to finish your project plus a curated selection of tools from far flung corners of the globe.</span></p>
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