Workshop - Create your own bespoke knitwear pattern with Made and Worn
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Made and Worn Customised patterns
Made and Worn Customised patterns

Workshop - Create your own bespoke knitwear pattern with Made and Worn

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Ida's House is one of a select number of yarn shops to partner with the revolutionary Made & Worn to bring you a brand new, incredibly satisfying knitting experience and we can’t wait to show it to you! 

If sometimes you have your eye on a new pattern and some gorgeous yarn but find yourself thinking ‘will I really be able to make this?’ or ‘what if I get the gauge wrong and it won’t fit?’ or ‘I wish I could make this using a different texture’ then Made & Worn is for you. It’s an amazing online tool that benefits knitters of all levels of experience. We promise it will inspire you, guide you, enhance your skills and perfect your knits. We know – we’re using it ourselves! 

Made & Worn is all about making sure that each and every one of us can cast-on with complete confidence, knowing that our finished garment will be just as we imagined. It guarantees a beautiful end-result with no boring calculations and adjustments, no matter what shape you are, how you knit, where you are or what yarn you use. All you need are some needles, some gorgeous squidgy yarn and an internet connection and you’re well on your way to your next triumph! 

Made & Worn patterns are all totally customisable and uniquely generated for you. You choose a garment style, the stitch combination and the yarn. Each and every aspect can be designed and controlled by you so that you can dive head first into your next project and enjoy every single stitch.

 The Workshop is on Saturday 5th October 11.00 and 3.00. We will have all the samples of the Made and Worn patterns, we will help you choose some yarn.

We will measure you and get you started with your bespoke pattern to fit you in your chosen yarn.

The session costs £10 which includes your customised pattern. Yarn  to be purchased on the day. 

Please bring your tablet or phone with you so that we can get you going with your tension square during the workshop.

  Creative inspiration. Ultimate customisation. Stress-free skills. Perfect results. What’s not to love?!

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