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West Yorkshire Spinners - The Croft Colours Pattern Book


The Croft Shetland Colours Pattern Book - By Sarah Hatton

The rural agricultural community on the Shetland Islands have a long and prestigious history of rearing Britain’s most northerly native sheep breed and collecting its high-quality wool. This is part of a practice known as crofting, which is integral to the landscape, cultural heritage and social economy of the Shetland Islands. It bonds people and places in a unique way, preserving livelihoods and age old traditions.

Sarah Hatton has designed a second collection of garments and accessories for all the family in this lovely wool from West Yorkshire Spinners. Sarah was keen to work with the yarn once again after the success of the first book for the Croft Tweed yarn, and has designed a collection of traditional yet modern family garments.

With designs for all the family, this collection features 14 patterns which work in harmony with the yarn both solid and tweed to create something truly special.

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