Isager - Tvinni


This yarn is spun in Denmark developed by Marianne Isager with the 'Skive Uldspinderi Mill. Finest merino quality, virgin wool. The long and fine fibres make a very durable knit, which will last a lifetime if treated with care.

It is suitable for knitting in the round on its own or knitted held double with another yarn.

Tvinni knitted on its own 2.5mm - 3.5mm needle

Tvinni and Isager Alpaca 1 held together knitted on 3.5mm - 4.5mm needles

Tvinni and Alpaca 2 held together knitted on 5.5mm needle

Tvinni and silk mohair held together knitted on 4mm - 7mm needle

Yarn meterage: 510meters 100g

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