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Indigo Dreams Crochet Workshop


We are always asked for moving on crochet lessons and thought why not aim big and teach you lots of skills over 5 sessions?

This series of workshops designed to help you make 'Indigo Dreams' a Crochet Along by Janie Crowfoot featured in Inside Crochet Magazine and made with Stylecraft Yarns.

A crochet along is where the design is revealed over a series of 5 issues of the magazine so you can work on one section at a time.

The first Pattern will appear in issue 141 of inside crochet and the following 4 publications. 

Head over to to get a special subscription offer of all the issue you will need or head to your newsagent on 21st of October the first issue.

We will have a copy of the magazines and all the yarn you need to make this lovely blanket and Marisa Boselli will teach you all you need to know each month to make sure you have a finished blanket.

30th October  2.30 until 4.30

13th November 2.30 until 4.30

20th November 2.30 until 4.30

8th January 2.30 to 4.30

5th February 2.30 to 4.30

You don't have to do the all the classes you can buy each lesson to spread the cost however there is a discount if you select all five workshops - £100 for the entire course!

The cost of the sessions is for the class only but we will be offering a 10% discount on all yarn bought for the course.

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